Durham Dales Counselling and Wellbeing
What is Counselling / Therapy

Many people come to therapy because they feel it is time to transform and make changes in their lives but are struggling to find a path forward. Counselling or therapy is a unique, relationship between two people who meet regularly where we help you to restore your emotional well being and talk about any unresolved issues that are affecting you or have impacted on your life. The sessions are focused on helping you find your own resources to achieve your own personal freedoms. All our therapeutic approaches will help you explore what you are struggling with, what needs to transform in your life, your particular barriers to change and help you put a personal plan into place for lasting change. Counselling is confidential (see our confidentially section), so you have a safe place to explore, grow and address any issues and concerns.

gallery/what can i expect

All sessions are 60 minutes and this time is used for you to explore anything you wish, we will help you to find your way and support you in the process.

gallery/is counselling for me

Counselling is for anyone who feels that it is time to change or work through some past issues or current experiences and difficulties.

gallery/how often do i go

It is suggested that you attend weekly at first, but it is up to you. This is your time and you will know how much or little you need. All sessions have to be pre booked and this will be discussed with you.

gallery/who are the counsellors

We have both male and female counsellors available, all are highly experienced and trained with accredited training that has taken a number of years to complete and are BACP members. We all follow a code of ethics (see code of ethics section), so you can be assured that the counsellor that you are working with is of the highest standard, working ethically and will be taking care of your needs.